Beginner’s Guide to Knowing the Basics of A Slot Machines


Most casino players prefer slot machines because it is not that complicated because you do not need an extensive gambling knowledge to win. In fact, playing it is simple as long as you understand it. Whether you are playing online or actually pulling the levers of slot machines at a casino, you do not want to start your experience blindly. Before you indulge, it is important that you know things about slot machines in general.

There are many slot machines offering different games like Free Slot Game PlayTech Esmeralda. This slot machine is famous because of its penchant for romance. This is the story of a gypsy woman named Esmeralda and her two suitors. The machine presents 5 reels and 25 paylines. The game is profitable because it will allow the player a progressive jackpot not to mention it has a risk game. This will enable you to win double.

It will be beneficial that you understand these things first:


If you do not want to play blindly, you have to remember the terms and understand it.
1. Reels: This refers to the rotating of the wheels that spin when you pull the lever or when you press the spin button online. The number generator will determine when the reel will stop spinning.

Paylines: This refers to lines across a particular set of reels in a slot machine. It will determine if you win or lose. The combination of symbols should land on a payline to Have a payout. Live slot machines have many paylines, which can run diagonally, horizontally and vertically.

Payout: This refers to the amount of money that you will win from the spins. You have to remember that payouts are also possible while playing the bonus games. Payout will depend on the payline, the order of the line up and the amount of the bet.

Bonus games: This refers to special rounds that is made possible by hitting certain symbols. Bonus games also means additional payout.

Symbols: This refers to the images or pictures that are shown on slot machine reels.

Scatters: This refers to the symbols that activate payout when they end up on the

screen of the slot machine.

Wilds: This refers to symbols that can replace other symbols on the reel.
Rules of play

After the terminologies, it is time that you get started.

  1. Betting: After deciding the game that you want to play, the next step is to put a bet. It is best to select the maximum bet because it is the only way you will be entitled to win a jackpot. If it is live casino, you need to put the money into the slot. If online, you need to make a payment. After putting credit, you need to decide paylines you want to activate.

2. Winning: Now that you selected the paylines, it is time to click spin or pull the lever. This will activate the number generator causing it to spin. You will then see a set of symbols. The computer will calculate your winnings based on the images but if you want to continue, just keep on pressing spin button.